Our expertise

  • Product Iteration

    Product ideation and conceptualization. Continuous product iteration development and ongoing support.
  • Product Lifecycle

    UI/UX design and prototyping, beta version development, to final release.
  • Mobile App Development

    Full lifecycle mobile app development ,IOS & Android.
  • Linkage to China’s Mobile Internet Economy

    Integration of China’s BAT platforms with Amazon, Facebook, Google and SAP platforms.


Project based

  • Fixed Price/Schedule


    We deliver workable products and s/w applications instead of human resources

  • Cost Efficiency And Short

    Development Cycle

    We assemble software with building blocks instead of building from the scratch

  • Work With Customers As

    One team

    We have accumulated 24 years of deep awareness and culture to work as one team with our customers on a global basis

  • Mega Scale Transaction


    We are proficient at architecting platform/application s/w which support very large scale Internet transactions


We are committed to digitization and AI intelligence innovation and transformation for global enterprise.
To better connect people around the globe and technology, and make the world a better place through unparalleled technological innovation.

Our expertise

Huatek is committed to digital transformation and upgrading for large clients to help them achieve revenue growth. With 3 decades of experience in the commodity consumption field, Huatek has a wealth of experience and a huge number of replicable success cases.
Huatek help clients achieved goods to sale process digital transformation, as a professional software service provider, we help clients improved business model, optimized workflow, added sales, revenue growth and enhanced market share by implementing cutting edge technologies. In the meantime, Huatek has been maintaining high value-added product output and growing together with customers.
Huatek has a wide range of proven, high-quality consumer internet products and collaborative software, such as:
  • Marketing series platform:D2C/B2B/B2C/SCRM/Digital Mall;
  • Intelligent decision-making series platform:Intelligent Shopping Guide/ ShopLocation/GroupGoods;
  • Supply chain series platform: WMS/OMS/TMS;
  • Big data series platform:Data Center/MDM;
  • Management series software: CRM.
Huatek's industrial Internet product system has accumulated the application advantages by serving many international leading manufacturing enterprises for many years, and is committed to allowing each manufacturing enterprise to have its own digital production engine.
Huatek drives enterprises to rapidly improve their production and operation capabilities, increase production capacity, reduce costs and increase efficiency. Huatek's industrial Internet platform can provide a wide range of cloud-based functions for production enterprises, helping them use data to drive enterprise management, realize smart production, smart management, and smart decision-making, save operating costs, and achieve the goal of increasing production value.
Our Products:
  • Intelligent Production Platform;
  • Equipment Lifecycle Management Platform;
  • Industrial Big Data Management Platform;
  • OEE (overall equipment effectiveness);
  • MES (manufacturing execution system);
  • Lims (laboratory information management system);
  • Production Line Quality Management System;
  • Iot Intelligent After-sales Service Platform;
  • Warehouse Management System;
  • Intelligent Knowledge Base;
  • Equipment Configuration Layout Tool;
  • Digital Twin Development Tool System.
Huatek has the world's leading software engineering implementation experience, and has been deeply involved in global giants for a long time. Therefore, it has leading experience in technology implementation/management consulting services, and is willing to provide corresponding consulting services with many companies to help more companies pass advanced technology , marketing, management, improve production capacity, sales capacity, collaborative management capacity, and reach the world's leading level.
With Huatek high standards and processes, rich experience, and professional resource management, we provide ODC solutions to global customers.
ODC Based:
  • Larger talent pool to choose from;
  • Highly skilled professionals with reasonable cost;
  • Flexibly contract & simply management;


  • E-commerce

  • IOT


Yves-Rocher Mobile Wap

Founded in 1958, Yves Rocher is a cosmetic company that was the brainchild of a French businessman by the same name. Huatek implemented customized sales promotion management platform with the goal of maintaining offline while improving online sales. Seamlessly integrated sales channels with 3rd party systems including warehouse, logistics & ERP. Implemented digital sales promotion and customer attraction via SEO, social media, email marketing and eCommerce platforms. Improved customer loyalty, data interface while highly integrated with CRM. Substantial improvement of sales thru mobile apps and WeChat channel.

World’s Top IC Testing Equipment Maker: Advantest

The Internet of things is the network of physical devices, vehicles, home appliances and other items embedded with electronics, software, sensors, actuators, and connectivity which enables these objects to connect and exchange data. Each thing is uniquely identifiable through its embedded computing system but is able to inter-operate within the existing Internet infrastructure. Huatek has more than a quarter of century experience to help our customer build their applications especially some hardware design in semiconductor industry all over the world, including the test solution for basic chips in IoT framework. Based on the professional software development experience and total solutions for B2B, B2C as well as supply chain management systems, Huatek provides IoT software application solutions based on a wide spectrum of devices.

INTTRA Container Tracking &Management APP

Ronbow was established in 2002 by company president Jason Chen with the vision of providing products of luxury and affordability to the customers. Ronbow has been a leading global manufacturer and distributor of luxury bathroom furnishings for over a decade, resulting in the excellent reputation for crafting furniture and ceramics with keen attention to details. Huatek helped Ronbow create the application to track and manage the container movement while on the ships or sitting in the port yard. Designed and implemented Ronbow’s official website based on LAMP framework that handles great volume and variety of products.

About Us

Huatek Technologies focuses on cloud computing, big data analysis, artificial intelligence and other high-tech fields to achieve digital and intelligent transformation for enterprise customers. Huatek Technologies has been highly recognized by the world's top 500 and many domestic or foreign giant enterprises, through our high-quality industry products, solutions and technical services. We use digital intelligence technology to help Chinese enterprises connect with overseas markets, and overseas enterprises connect with the Chinese market, so as to become an important technology and service bridge for domestic and foreign enterprises.
Huatek Technologies is committed to becoming a high-tech company rooted in China, and serving for Chinese enterprises to go abroad and overseas enterprises to enter China.